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OK, so here we have things about Family (pink stuff) and random other thoughts. Maybe sometime I will have a flash where I get an idea how to organize it. Maybe I won't. I just don't know.

Or something.

Our Niece and (honorary) Nephew (and their families) And Our Families

While we don't have any kids of our own (yeah, don't tell the gosedjour!), we live vicariously through Josefine (aka Gosefine, Nussefine, and Smirkefine), Marie's sister, Johanna's daughter, and my honorary brother, James (and Laura)'s son, Colby (aka CoolBoy, and CowBoy when I get confused-- that's one of their dogs!).

We love them all, and have dedicated some of our space on this site to cute little kid pictures. If you don't want to see cute little kids, don't click on any of the links in this "pink" section!

Yuk, I want to skip the pink stuff!
Colby's First Pizza

Marie and Patrick treated Colby to his first Pizza while Laura was working. Some pictures of the Taschek Family.

Josefine in her SF Giants Pajamas and with San Francisco Love teddy bear

We gave Josefine the Bear and the Pajamas (San Francisco Giants). Pictures of her, and Marie's family.

Katie is lost in the wrapping paper

Katie-- I think these are the pictures you were looking for. I'll share them with everybody.

They are Katie as a child, naked and screaming on the playground. (Just kidding.) Warning - The full-size images are quite big, and not especially well composed or focused.

A couple well focused shots, but of course your eyes are closed.

400 Pounds of Luggage

How exactly do two seasoned travellers end up bringing 180kg of luggage with them? That's why we call it a Gypsy Camp. Some of the things on our packing list.

We are actually closer to a nice round 500 pounds now with the addition of two new bicycles, locks, and tools...

For historical accuracy, the term Gypsy Camp actually is a reference to all the stuff hanging outside on the balcony of our room or bungalow, since nothing ever gets dry in Thailand. Gypsy Camp on Wheels was our first huge rolling duffel from REI, and then we got a second one. Not that anybody cared, but I hate to pretend it is an original term to this exact situation...

SCUBA Diving

Coming Soon!

Favorite Places

These are places that we think everybody should see in their lifetime. Just our opinion, take it for what it's worth. Coming someday.

Tips for Other Morons That Want a Similar Website

Just one. As much as I get a kick out of learning something new, and went from having forgotten almost everything to writing in a text editor again and using fancy things like CSS and PHP now, Make Your Life Simple! Check out Webster42. Dealing with all the details and sadly the very crappy, expensive commercial software available for maintaining your own personal website, why not just go to a service that makes things simple?

pic:Dala Hast on our Balcony

You can't go to Thailand without bringing at least ONE Dala Hast! (We also have our Dala Älke as well.)