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Why the name "Moonshine Fantasy"
How exactly does someone pull off what you are doing? What is that picture on the right that keeps cropping up everywhere? painting, Moonshine Fantasy, 1929

Why "moonshine fantasy"?

Well I took moonshine fantasy because everything else was taken. I was inspired in part by the full moon mystique in Thailand, but to be honest, I am no quite sure how it became moonshine fantasy.

It also happens to be the name of a pretty cool painting. I only know that because they beat me on Google Search...

And, like most obscure domain names, I am sure there is an amateur comic book by the same name.

How did you do it?

It's easier to travel than most people (especially Americans) think. It doesn't have to take a lot of money, but you do need patience, enough money for airfare, pocket money on the ground, or a way to earn money when you get where you are going.

For a youngster that doesn't need much, you could live in Thailand on $600-1,000 per month, less if you are resourceful. It's nice to have a little extra to try new things (like scuba diving for myself), but it is completely possible to do a one-year trip through south-east Asia on under $15,000 including airfare, without always having to look for the absolute cheapest accommodations, food, and everything else.

That said, I like the way I did it (working for 5-years before my first big trip), and Marie likes the way she did it (Trans Siberian Railway 20 years ago). Marie worked hard and took vacations during the low season as often as possible, and I took a more conservative approach of having a little "emergency money".

Whatever you do, go see something different. There is something to see almost everywhere... you don't always have to go halfway around the world to gain a little insight in seeing something different than what you know today.

What is that picture on the right?

Just a neon sign at our neighborhood bar in San Francisco, the Buccaneer. Picture was taken with my cell phone camera, hence the quality. But, I think it looks cool and it was on my computer when I needed a placeholder graphic. I still need that connection to our friends at the Buc. (Hi Eric, Stacy, Bud, Glen, Tony, Teague, Starla, Marty, Jose, and everybody else!)

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